Warranty Request

From 01.03.2023 this is the ONLY and OFFICIAL way to submit a PATRIK warranty request.

Always contact your shop/seller first before sending this form. Always create one separate request for each single product.

Please fill out this form thoroughly to allow us a precise review of your individual case. Entries with missing information, blurry pictures or incorrect serials cannot be accepted. Entries older than one year from the date of purchase will only be accepted under special circumstances. We will not contact you if your submission has been incomplete or unwarranted. Of course we will contact you personally once your valid warranty request got accepted. Thank you for your help!

Your PATRIK Team

Data protection / Privacy

When using the form personal data and your IP address are transmitted to us via a secure connection. This data is used exclusively in the context of processing your request. It will not be used for other purposes (like marketing or similar). We need to forward parts of your data to our partners and production. By using this form you agree to the terms and conditions.

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